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over sensative imposable to controle

Fun with a joystick

I'm not a hardcore computer flyer; I prefer my games quick and fun. Dogfight fits the bill. There's not a lot of missions, but they're fun and quick to fly. I enjoyed zooming around the house blasting toy tanks and planes. As for the controls, I had no problem at all with a joystick. Hopefully they'll update with more missions; there's only 6 of them and it gets old fast.

Horrible controls

Worst controls ever - there is no middle ground on either vertical or lateral, you can't roll or do a loop, the nose always instantly returns to level flight out of both climbing and diving, but if you hold the up or down control to keep it pointed where you want, it goes straight up or straight down. There should be a way to adjust the sensitivity. Also, there are two control modes, beginner and advanced. In every other flying game, this means a simple up-down-right-left layout, and a more technical setup. In this, it means frustratingly slow but totally un-nuanced and cumbersome controls, or exactly the same thing only faster and more erratic. Given Airfix's attention to detail, this is very disappointing.


It would have been nice to know which keys controlled what. The vertical controls were way more sensitive than the lateral controls. All in all, very frustrating.

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